Daniil and Ekaterina

This is a story about a very touching and romantic wedding day, where even the summer breeze wouldn’t have dared put out the lights from a single candle in the garden. 


This is a story of a romantic wedding day, where not even the gentle summer breeze dared to extinguish a single candle in the garden of celebration.

“If you are a bride with no experience in organizing a wedding and want everything to be perfect, hiring a wedding planner is a perfect choice for you. Our fairy godmother in this case was Roksolana. From the very first moment we met, we knew right away that we were on the same page.

Roksolana stayed in contact with us throughout the entire preparation process, accompanied us to meetings with vendors, exchanged correspondence, and provided us with great advice. On the wedding day, Roksolana arrived in the morning and helped with all the preparations, ensuring that everything went smoothly. Thanks to the entire team, our day went exactly as we had dreamed of. Thank you!

We spent over a year planning the wedding for Kate and Daniil. We met up often and changed the concept multiple times, but one thing remained unchanged — we knew that it should be a beautiful wedding in the garden. Kate envisioned herself appearing for the ceremony in a stunning white dress, like a fairy princess in the rays of sunshine, with garlands lit at twilight. As the evening turned dark, candles would be lit on the tables. We precisely planned every detail, including initials on the napkins; accessories, dishes, drinks, music, and decor for the tables and garden.

One week before the wedding, it rained heavily in Prague, but we had a solid backup plan, yet that wasn’t an actual “dream plan.” On the day of the wedding, the weather was perfect, with no single cloud in the sky. At dusk, we lit the candles and garlands, and the evening became even more romantic and heartwarming. It was a flawless day that the couple had always dreamed of.

Later after the the wedding, I saw a story from Kate on a bridal website, inspiring other brides not to be afraid of doing things they had always dreamed of. It was touching to hear how Kate described my work, and it made me live that magical day once again with the couple.

I hope Katya won’t mind me sharing her story here. That day will remain in my heart forever!


The story is taken from the bridal blog:

“While reading blogs and brides’ thoughts about weddings, I noticed that they often mentioned feeling a special connection to a wedding dress, or experiencing butterflies in their stomachs when visiting a wedding venue. However, as a person who tends to be more rational than emotional, I never thought I would experience these things myself.

When planning my wedding, I arranged two meetings with wedding coordinators I found on the internet. I didn’t even check their reviews before contacting them. The first coordinator we met was a solid, professional-looking man who knew what he was talking about. After the meeting, he messaged me to say that he had reserved a restaurant as a potential wedding venue. However, my intuition told me that he wasn’t the right fit for us.

The next day, we had a second meeting with another coordinator, a young and pretty lady. From the moment we met her, I felt butterflies in my stomach. She quickly understood our needs and started coming up with amazing ideas and suggestions. She won us over with her creativity and enthusiasm. Even though we hadn’t finished our conversation, we already knew that she was the one we wanted to work with. Her name is Roksolana Shem, and she became our wedding planner. We were impressed by her professionalism and experience, which was also shown of from her participation in the TV show “Zhanna, Marry Us!” in Prague.