Andrei and Kristina

Sometimes is hard to surprise you loved ones, but what can be better than a surprise birthday in Prague?

For Kristina and Andrey, it became a tradition to celebrate birthdays away from home, travelling and exploring new countries. Therefore, they had decided to get to know Prague. Kristina decided to make a surprise for Andrey and plan his birthday. She asked me to organize the event and the whole trip, we planned every little detail. Out team totally fulfilled Kristina’s expectations and exceeded Andrey’s expectations. 


We flew to Prague to celebrate my husband’s birthday. I really wanted our trip to be perfect and one that Andrey would never forget. Roksolana helped me with the planning of the whole trip. She met us at the airport, helped us to choose a hotel, prepare room decoration, organized tours to interesting places with a photographer and videographer, and an exciting tour with a guide.
Everything went smoothly, everything was perfectly planned and clear. We were so impressed and my husband was happy as a child … and that’s exactly what I hoped for.
If you have any ideas for your loved ones, if you have plans for a romantic trip, wedding, etc to the Czech Republic, I strongly recommend Roksolana! The impossible will become possible will her!

We considered all Andrey’s preferences, for example, using red and black balloons and flowers to decorate the hotel room. Our pastry chef made Andrey’s favorite cake. Andrey loves dark Kozel beer! Therefore, the most important part of our itinerary was visiting the Kozel brewery restaurant, where Andrey enjoyed his favorite beer. Guys also had many other fun activities during the trip: a boat ride, a photoshoot with hair and make-up done for Kristina, dinner in an amazing fine dining restaurant, a party at Hilton Prague Sky bar, a private city tour. Private transportation and coordination for the whole stay. We created a schedule that was a mix of fun and relaxing, since Kristina was expecting, and we wanted her to feel comfortable. Andrey was happy and full of positive energy. 


Kristina and Andrey really became close with our team, even after three hours of knowing each other we were laughing together, drinking tea and eating the cake we made for Andrey. I was very happy to get to know these amazing people and I am sure it is not the last time we see each other!
We knew that we’d planned an amazing birthday trip for Andrey, because he and Kristina left Prague with big smiles on their faces and that is why we love what we do!