Michail and Vera

Unbelievably beautiful wedding ceremony in Bohemian Paradise, in Hruba Skala castle. And the name Paradise speaks for itself! One of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic where the two loving hearts of Vera and Michail united. 


Vera contacted me one month before the wedding asking me to finish all the preparations – since she took care of most of the things herself. I took over the plans and carefully checked everything I noticed some important details were missing, which meant that the wedding was at risk.

I promptly found everything we needed and sorted things out. We made it! Together we created a wonderful wedding.

The couple chose this castle thanks to its magnificence and uniqueness. Castle Hotel Hruba Skala is located on a slope of the rock in the area called Bohemian Paradise. The bride, groom, and guests came from Russia to enjoy this special atmosphere and celebrate this important day! The ceremony took place in the garden. After the ceremony, newlyweds went to the photoshoot to the nature reserve with massive cliffs and panoramic views. Meanwhile, the guests were enjoying refreshing cocktails.
The banquet took place in one of the castles’ hall. Since there was a hotel right at the castle, the celebration lasted till the dawn!