Michail and Vera

Veronika and Michael got married, uniting their hearts in the stunning Hruba Skala castle, located in the Bohemian Paradise.

Vera approached me one month before her wedding, asking me to complete the preparations that she had already taken care of herself. I took responsibility for the plans and thoroughly went through every detail, only to discover that some crucial information was missing. This posed a significant risk to the wedding.

I promptly gathered everything we needed and organized it. Together, we created a wonderful wedding celebration.

The couple chose Castle Hotel Hruba Skala for its magnificence and uniqueness. The hotel is situated on a rock slope in an area called Bohemian Paradise. The couple and their guests had come from Russia to celebrate this special day and enjoy the castle’s beautiful atmosphere. The wedding ceremony was held in the garden, followed by a photo shoot in a nature reserve featuring massive cliffs and panoramic views. While guests were treated to refreshing cocktails. The banquet took place in one of the castle’s halls, and as there was a hotel right at the castle, the celebration continued until the early hours of the morning!