Vladimir and Eugenia

One of the most unusual celebrations! The wedding of two programmers from Moscow took place in a cozy Czech village with the ceremony in an amphitheater in the woods in front of the grotto and medieval castle!


Our wedding was as we imagined and then even better! All the preparations were ripe in place for us to have the best day of our lives.
From the very begging, we knew we did not want our wedding to be in Moscow, we wanted to leave behind the ordinary and make it more extraordinary. After we first met with Roksolana, we realized we are on the same page and understood each other without needing words. She found us a place for the banquet which fitted our concept perfectly. She also communicated and dealt with the suppliers. 

Roksolana has a big database of photographers, presenters, florists. At the wedding, everything was perfect. The atmosphere was very relaxing and we had a chance to enjoy every moment. Thanks again to Roksolana for making our dream come true!

If you asked me to describe this wedding in two words, I’d say: simple and special! Vladimir and Eugenia are modern people, programmers, fans of rock music. From the very beginning, they fell in love with the Loket castle. They wanted simplicity and harmony with nature, but all the while everything had to be to a high standard to impress the guests coming from abroad.

The task was hard from the beginning. To find a place with Boho style in the Karlovy Vary area, in the Bohemia, a capital of gold and crystal, which would combine a simple style and a good level of service was practically impossible. But when a bride has a dream, then nothing is impossible for me! The wedding should be the way the couple imagined it.