Aleksander & Natalia

Rather than choosing between London and Prague, Aleksander and Natalia decided to get married in the city where they met and fell in love: Prague.

The wedding ceremony was held at the beautiful Baroque Castle of Troy. The celebration had a special charm as it took place on a sunny day in October when the city was adorned with lovely shades of gold and red colors, reflecting the refreshing fall weather. There is no doubt that all the guests fell in love with Prague that day!


What are the odds of having a stress-free and enjoyable wedding, where everything goes smoothly and the officiant arrives on time?
When we were planning our wedding, we had to consider how to organize everything in a foreign country to ensure that our guests would enjoy every part of the program. This involved arranging the registry office, transportation for our guests, the restaurant, decorations, music, DJs, toastmasters, florists, confectioners, and more. As the wedding approached, the level of organization required only increased.
We are very grateful to Roksolana. She achieved the seemingly impossible for us — she allowed us to enjoy our wedding and have fun with guests. She is incredibly talented and pays great attention to details and organization. She will remind you of important details, make necessary calls, arrange things, and double-check everything. Most importantly, she has vast experience, so we received the best recommendations for the vendors from her.

If you want not only a beautiful wedding but also a wedding where everything goes exactly according to plan and without overpayment, I highly recommend contacting Roksolana.
Thank you very much, Roxy, for this special day!