Aleksander & Natalia

Royal London or magical Prague? For Aleksander and Natalia, the answer was obvious. Prague felt like home. That’s where they met each other, so why not have Prague to be the city where they would get married!

Aleksander and Natalia met in Prague; therefore, they chose it for their wedding. The couple lived in London now, so did many of the guests, but the couple wanted to show to their loved ones this beautiful romantic city, where they fell in love with each other. A luxurious restaurant on Petrin hill, wherefrom the windows you can see the whole of Prague. This moment and place became special for them.


How many chances do you have for a perfect wedding? One where you can really enjoy and not stress out if everything is stick to the plane and time?! We also asked ourselves these questions while planning our wedding.
Just imagine, planning everything in a foreign country, moreover, so that each part of the day was impressive to our guests! Registry office, transportation, restaurant, decoration, music, DJ, moderator, florists, pastry chefs … everything needed to be arranged. The closer we got to the day, the more things there were to do.
We are eternally grateful to Roksolana, who made the impossible for us – she gave the bride and groom the possibility to enjoy the wedding and just have fun with the guests. She is very nice and paid a lot of attention to the details and planning. She would remind us of things, call, organize, and double-check …and most important, she has a lot of experience in the industry and gave us the best recommendations for pastry chefs, hairdressers, etc.
If you want not just a beautiful wedding, but a perfectly planned and not overly expensive one I strongly recommend Roksolana.
Thank you very much Roxy for this celebration!

The ceremony took place in a baroque Troja castle. The special brilliance of the celebration was given by nature itself. The wedding was on a sunny October day when the whole city was shining with red roofs and the golden colors of autumn.
I am sure that all the guests fell in love with Prague!