Christina and Yevgeny

The wedding was elegant and classy, just like the bride herself. For the celebration, we chose the Savoy Castle with its beautiful garden. We opted for a light, pastel palette, focusing on soft pink and natural green colors. We didn’t include any conceptual additions this time but went for the traditional and timeless classic

On a hot summer day, the garden transforms into a refreshing and vibrant oasis. Every element in the garden contributes to the creation of a calming atmosphere, inviting guests to forget the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the beauty of the celebration.

Many preparatory steps were taken to ensure that every detail was perfect, to make the celebration at the Savoy Castle with its beautiful gardens. It all began with choosing a date that was special and meaningful to both. Then, the invitations’ design and color palette were thought out to reflect the style and aesthetics of the newlyweds.

Exquisite floral arrangements, candles, and decorative elements were installed in the castle to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere, emphasizing the luxury of the place. The bride chose a dress that highlighted her natural beauty and gave her a delicate, graceful look