Darina and Anton

We believe in creating an immersive experience for our guests by incorporating symbolism into every aspect of the celebration. A wedding is not merely a holiday or a festive occasion, but a meaningful ritual that symbolizes the creation of a new family and the merging of two powerful souls into one.

Our couple values family and traditions very much. As a result, we have decided to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our wedding celebration, without any unnecessary elements or flashy shows. Instead, we added simple yet elegant touches to highlight the significance of this occasion and make it memorable for the guests and newlyweds.

A bridge is a symbol of transition, while a castle is a symbol of a new world.
We’ve organized a main wedding ceremony on the bridge in front of a closed door.

The doors of the bridge were opened after the ceremony. This symbolizes the transition to a new stage of life. The guests entered the castle with the newlyweds. The newlyweds acted as guides allowing the guests to share with them a new and exciting stage of their life as family. When moving to the “new world,” guests found incredible treats, a beautiful garden, music, shared dance, and fun.

The doors on the bridge, which are located in front of a ceremonial arch, served as a symbol of a marriage. The beginning of a new life together for the newlyweds. Following the greetings and a photo session, the couple and their guests proceeded to the interior of the castle. Live music, light refreshments, canapés, and fine wine are the perfect accompaniments to this moment. Meanwhile, a watercolor artist creates memorable sketches of the guests, as well as portraits and sketches of the ceremony, without causing any distractions.

The garden, on a hot summer day, is a refreshing oasis of life and a symbol of family.

With its cycles of birth and rebirth, like family life itself. A green garden, a fountain, and an abundance of delicious food and wine are like a beautiful wish to the newlyweds.

In this garden, there is a place to enjoy sharing food, which symbolizes the unity of the newlyweds with their family and friends.

Throughout the entire celebration, we strived to involve our guests in the symbolism of each process as much as possible. Our goal was to create an emotional connection with each guest, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the wedding experience. We see a wedding not just as a celebration, but as a powerful ritual that unites two souls in one family.