Dmitry and Victoria

Imagine a magical autumn wedding with a gothic twist, featuring an astrology-inspired theme, black dress code, and enchanting forests. This unique style debunks traditional wedding stereotypes.

We met the couple at the beginning of autumn, and by November, we were able to create a truly exceptional wedding. From the first moment we met, it was clear that this would be a unique event. We decided to move away from traditional elements and opted for unexpected, picturesque details instead. As we got to know the couple better, learning about their love story, tastes, and preferences, the concept of the wedding emerged organically.

The wedding was planned with a small guest list, but the couple wanted to ensure that every detail was perfectly consistent with their chosen style. They drew inspiration from Gothic and fairy-tale fantasy themes, as well as astrology. The autumn season provided a beautiful color palette, its warm and rich colors were reflected in the wedding décor. The colorful autumn scenery outside the window added to the overall ambiance of the event.

For each couple, I carefully choose a unique concept that best reflects their love story. I search for specific details that can serve as an inspiration for their wedding story. In the case of Vika and Dima, the key detail was the significance of three important cities in their love story: St. Petersburg, Prague, and Kos. Therefore, I suggested creating a coordinate line that connects these three cities, which would serve as their symbol. We incorporated these coordinate lines into their invitations, menus, and even on a welcome mirror. Can you spot the line in the photo?


Roxy is an experienced, responsible, and competent wedding planner who helped us plan our wedding in just 2-3 months. She made the legal side of the process easy for us by taking care of all the paperwork. Our wedding was unique, and we wanted to add a mystical touch to it. Roxy helped us with everything from decorations, style, colors, gifts, and the overall atmosphere. On the day of the wedding, we didn’t have to worry about anything and could enjoy the day to the fullest. Roxy’s communication was prompt and pleasant, and we had no trouble understanding each other, which is essential when working with an event planner. I would highly recommend Roxy to anyone planning a wedding as she goes above and beyond to make your dream wedding a reality.