Katya and Denis

A Ukrainian couple living in Germany initially planned their wedding in Kharkiv. They even had a special concept developed called “Secret Garden,” which they dreamed of bringing to life in their homeland, Ukraine. However, due to the military events, their plans had to be reconsidered. At that moment, our team came to their aid.

Together with Katya and Denis, we refined their unique idea, and then brought it to life in Prague. For this, we chose the most picturesque garden in the city with breathtaking views of the entire city. Despite its location in the heart of the city, this garden remained a truly secret corner known to only a few.

The banquet was held on the territory of a luxurious five-star hotel in a beautiful summer garden. Every detail, starting from the decor and ending with guest service, was thought out with love and attention to detail, creating a unique atmosphere in this special place. As a result, the wedding became an amazing and unique event, which was remembered by all participants for a long time.


Dear Roksolana,

Dan and I want to thank you for organizing our wedding. ❤️

You always have a sea of creative ideas and extraordinary solutions. During preparation, your advice on the correct allocation of the budget was very helpful. Thanks to you, we easily found a host, photographer, videographer, florist and all the other necessary people for any wedding ☺️

Thanks also to your entire team. The girls were very nice, attentive, organized, and even when it seemed like we were falling behind or there might be some problem, they had everything under control 👌🏻

To be honest, having a wedding in another country completely remotely, I was very worried. But you were always in touch, took into account all our wishes and helped to make them come true! She also supported me morally and told me how to get ready for such an important day, which is also incredibly important.

This day was even better than we could have imagined 😍 thank you so much again! You are a cool person and an awesome professional in your field 👏🏻 We wish you and your team success in your next projects ❤️